Friday, 16 March 2012

Colours for Blondes

When considering lingerie and clothing colours for blondes, it is difficult to make a mistake.

Luckily, blondes are able to wear a multitude of colours and tones to complement their skin tone and hair colour.

When choosing colours, take into consideration your skin tone.

A paler skin toned blonde may get “washed away” and made to look too pale in strong underwear colours such as red, orange and yellow. We would recommend that a blonde with a paler skin shade is best suited to those colours that complement a red head. These are such colours as navy, burgundy, brown, burnt orange and deep greens.

For the blonde with a more tanned or olive complexion, try a bright colour such as electric blue, vibrant green or purple. Red, orange or yellow also work well. These colours in Summer will make you look stunning.

If you fancy a stronger colour and you have a pale skin tone, a little fake tan in a “light tan” will mean that you are able to wear vibrant colours without the colour becoming too overpowering for your complexion.

Generally, blondes can wear a colour such as lilac, pale pink, soft pastel green, baby blue or coral.

This is a great way to dress up a simple black suit or white shirt with accessories or a beautiful scarf in your chosen colours from above.

With further regards to black and white; if you have a paler complexion stay away from white near the face and accessorise instead. Black works better.

If you have a more tanned or olive skin, white works perfectly. Black may strip your complexion so best to dress it up with a colour closer to your face and hair, such as red.

Overall, blondes are very lucky that they can pull off a multitude of colours and tones with, if need be, a little tanner to wear brighter colours in Summer. Have fun with your sexy lingerie wardrobe and experiment. Keep many accessories in your specified colour from above and, if need be, you can break up colours that are less flattering near your face and hair to make the most of your choices.