Sunday, 14 October 2012

Censory Lingerie Donates to Against Breast Cancer Throughout October

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now truly upon us and throughout the month, Censory Lingerie will be donating 10% of all sales to "Against Breast Cancer".

"Against Breast Cancer" is a charity dedicated to funding ground breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. Their work includes seeking a vaccine against the disease.

Lucy Brown, founder of Censory Lingerie, hopes that the new age of body awareness will see a more positive attitude amongst ladies who do not consider themselves "perfect".

"Women are becoming a lot more aware of their body, and learning how to enjoy it" says Ms Brown. "Gone are the days of the tall skinny models, these are now not considered the "norm". Lingerie companies are using size 14 mannequins to model their lines, and plus size ladies have a wider range of lingerie to suit their body types. In supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month we want to emphasise the fact that every lady is "perfect" in their own way."

With breast cancer the most common form of cancer amongst women, around 50,000 cases are diagnosed yearly and 300 of these are men. Unlike common belief, it is irrelevant how large or small breasts are, and breast cancer does not necessary run in families. Around 1 in 5 women affected by breast cancer will be under the age of 50.

"Breast cancer not only affects women physically, but emotionally and psychologically, and this is what we want to draw attention to. There is no such thing as the perfect figure and women who have had a mastectomy should not think themselves less attractive. Our bodies go through trials and tribulations in our lifetime, and we should be proud of what they achieve for us; not ashamed" says Ms Brown.

Censory Lingerie plan to offer a range of sexy mastectomy bras in the near future and hope that in the meantime donating 10% of their sales during the month of October will help in the fight against breast cancer, and the raising of awareness in younger generations.

If you would like to find out more about Censory's support of the charity, please click here.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Colours for Blondes

When considering lingerie and clothing colours for blondes, it is difficult to make a mistake.

Luckily, blondes are able to wear a multitude of colours and tones to complement their skin tone and hair colour.

When choosing colours, take into consideration your skin tone.

A paler skin toned blonde may get “washed away” and made to look too pale in strong underwear colours such as red, orange and yellow. We would recommend that a blonde with a paler skin shade is best suited to those colours that complement a red head. These are such colours as navy, burgundy, brown, burnt orange and deep greens.

For the blonde with a more tanned or olive complexion, try a bright colour such as electric blue, vibrant green or purple. Red, orange or yellow also work well. These colours in Summer will make you look stunning.

If you fancy a stronger colour and you have a pale skin tone, a little fake tan in a “light tan” will mean that you are able to wear vibrant colours without the colour becoming too overpowering for your complexion.

Generally, blondes can wear a colour such as lilac, pale pink, soft pastel green, baby blue or coral.

This is a great way to dress up a simple black suit or white shirt with accessories or a beautiful scarf in your chosen colours from above.

With further regards to black and white; if you have a paler complexion stay away from white near the face and accessorise instead. Black works better.

If you have a more tanned or olive skin, white works perfectly. Black may strip your complexion so best to dress it up with a colour closer to your face and hair, such as red.

Overall, blondes are very lucky that they can pull off a multitude of colours and tones with, if need be, a little tanner to wear brighter colours in Summer. Have fun with your sexy lingerie wardrobe and experiment. Keep many accessories in your specified colour from above and, if need be, you can break up colours that are less flattering near your face and hair to make the most of your choices.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Colours for Redheads

Anyone that has changed their hair colour recently will know that changing your hair colour to red means a whole new wardrobe from that of a blonde or brunette, but the rewards are beautiful.

As red hair colours come in a multitude of shades it is important to consider your complexion when choosing your lingerie and clothing wardrobe and whether your hair is a subtle strawberry blonde, sexy copper, autumn auburn or a stunning deep red, you can be sure to stand out as a natural beauty in the crowd with our colour tips.

As red is a fiery colour we would always opt for a simple earthy solution of neutral colours, such as browns, olive greens, beiges and golds. These colours close to your face will compliment your hair colour no end, and they are simple to accessorise with by incorporating a scarf or jewellery.

Make-up in these colours will work wonders at emphasising your eyes and hair colour too.

As natural redheads tend to have a paler complexion and have difficulty tanning, we would recommend natural tanners for the face, or tanning makeup if you want to wear the bolder colours (below) so as not to "wash-out" your complexion.

If your red hair is a sexy copper or deep red then you can get away with a lot of the colours that suit brunettes, like teal and navy blue. These can again be accessorised with a simple scarf or jewellery in beige or gold to keep the block colour away from the face.

If you hair colour is that of a strawberry blonde, colours that compliment blondes will compliment you too. These include pale blue and pale pink.

There is a lot of debates in the fashion world whether clashing red hair colour with pink, purple, red etc is considered trendy or not. This is obviously your choice as when done in the correct way, it can look amazing. But you have to very cleverly accessorise so as not to look too stark. The main rule is to stay away from colours that are too close to your hair colour, so no burgendy or deep red. Instead opt for a orange-red for copper hair and stay away from yellow and orange for strawberry blondes.

The one colour that you shouldn't live without, and if you haven't tried it you should, is green. Opt for a pale or spring green for strawberry blonde hair, or an olive green for copper hair colours. We guarantee that it will look amazing and compliments will flow.

Redheads can wear black and white, however too close to the face will cause you to look pale so accessorise to break up the colour. A simple black jacket with a beige/gold scarf will compliment your hair colour perfectly, or alternatively a white top with olive green jewellery will work well too.

All in all, redheads always stand out in a crowd next to their brunette and blonde peers and with a few tweaks and clever accessorising you too can be confident that your new hair colour will be loved by all.

Colours for Brunettes

Want to feel confident in your underwear and clothes? Want colours that will assensuate and flaunt your skin colour and bring out your best features?

Here the is first of a 3 article guide on which colours suit hair colours brunette, blonde and redhead to ensure that you feel confident in your underwear and your clothes.

Brunettes are very lucky in that they can look good in many different colours, from neutral to vibrant, depending on their skin tone.

As many brunettes have olive skin or tan easily, excellent colours are vibrant and bright shades of teal, electric blue, purple and turquoise. These are fantastic at offsetting the neutral/earthy colour of the hair in contrast and will compliment eye colour. Team with some brown accessories for turquoise and teal to compliment your eyes and a lighter neutral shade of accessories for blue and purple.

For the paler skin brunette stay away from the vibrant colours as they will drain your skin colour from your face and make you look paler. Compliment your hair and skin colour with paler shades of those mentioned above, such as pale green, pale blue, pale pink and lilac. These will be sure to bring out the best in your appearance.

Luckily for brunettes, they can wear a whole range of neutral colours that can be dressed up with accessories. For example any skin tone of a brunette will look fabulous in beige, tan, burnt orange or olive green and these colours add an element of class by complimenting so well. Advice would be to stay away from brown in a block colour near the face as it will blend all your features together, but brown with gold/beige/green through it will work fine.

Brunettes can easily wear black and white, but stay away from grey. Again, with black and white, if you have a pale colouring keep the block colour away from the face by accessorising with jewellery or scarfs as a black or white too close to the pale skin can wash it out.

And lastly reds. Reds are such a colour that with every hair colour it has its own catagory. For brunettes say to the more "neutral" red of burgendy or wine. Any orange/reds will be too overpowering for your complexion.

These colours mentioned above are not just for clothing, these colours work and look beautiful in underwear pieces too. For bikinis and swimwear choose a colour mentioned above (stay away from white and black unless you have a tan) or opt for a gold for a darker complexion, or bronze for a paler complexion.

Whichever colour you choose from above you can be confident that you will be bringing out your beautiful eye and hair colour and will look absolutely stunning.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Choosing Beautiful Lingerie for your Figure Guide.

Purchasing beautiful affordable lingerie for your figure can be a consuming task with so many variations on the market it is often hard to select the right lingerie to boast your best assets.

Hopefully, this guide will assist you in your purchasing decision.

Firstly lets start with the fuller body.

An ideal choice of sexy underwear for plus size women is the camisole sets. These typically have non fitted tops and are available in multi colours to suit your wardrobe.

For the broader hips stay with a two piece lingerie set. A good lingerie shop will sell the set in two pieces whereby you can choose your required sizes

A great range of lingerie for the fuller shape is the babydoll lingerie. With it's flouncy skirt it hides a multitude of sins. Choose a darker shade for that ultimate slimming result.

As Babydoll lingerie can have a fitted bust or a one size, if you are looking to losing weight or find that your shape fluctuates choose the non fitted top as you will still be able to wear it over time. 

Next women with a smaller bust will require to stay away from loose fitting lingerie on the uppermost half as you will need to uplift and shape the top area.

A must for tiny hips and a heavier bust is the Boyshorts sets possible for purchase. These underwear sets are available accompanying fitted tops or bras which add form to the bust and the shorts help to widen the hips and create a more even shape.

Corsets are also fantastic at creating a smaller bust as they create by uplifting whilst slimming the waist.

For people with larger tummies select a corseted set. This can be a multi collection which come with stockings or instead choose a basic black corset and dress it with some sexy jewellery. This is a simple yet cheaper way to contour the waist without spending too much.

There are some fantastic selections for petite females on the highstreet. It is best to use a trustworthy underwear retailer and request for their petite collection. Generally underwear are created for ladies five foot and above if not tailored on catwalk six foot models which is disheartening
if you order online for your underwear to materialize to be too long.

All in all, shopping for sexy lingerie is an enjoyable experience and being knowledgeable of which collections enhance your figure makes for brilliant rewards.