Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Colours for Brunettes

Want to feel confident in your underwear and clothes? Want colours that will assensuate and flaunt your skin colour and bring out your best features?

Here the is first of a 3 article guide on which colours suit hair colours brunette, blonde and redhead to ensure that you feel confident in your underwear and your clothes.

Brunettes are very lucky in that they can look good in many different colours, from neutral to vibrant, depending on their skin tone.

As many brunettes have olive skin or tan easily, excellent colours are vibrant and bright shades of teal, electric blue, purple and turquoise. These are fantastic at offsetting the neutral/earthy colour of the hair in contrast and will compliment eye colour. Team with some brown accessories for turquoise and teal to compliment your eyes and a lighter neutral shade of accessories for blue and purple.

For the paler skin brunette stay away from the vibrant colours as they will drain your skin colour from your face and make you look paler. Compliment your hair and skin colour with paler shades of those mentioned above, such as pale green, pale blue, pale pink and lilac. These will be sure to bring out the best in your appearance.

Luckily for brunettes, they can wear a whole range of neutral colours that can be dressed up with accessories. For example any skin tone of a brunette will look fabulous in beige, tan, burnt orange or olive green and these colours add an element of class by complimenting so well. Advice would be to stay away from brown in a block colour near the face as it will blend all your features together, but brown with gold/beige/green through it will work fine.

Brunettes can easily wear black and white, but stay away from grey. Again, with black and white, if you have a pale colouring keep the block colour away from the face by accessorising with jewellery or scarfs as a black or white too close to the pale skin can wash it out.

And lastly reds. Reds are such a colour that with every hair colour it has its own catagory. For brunettes say to the more "neutral" red of burgendy or wine. Any orange/reds will be too overpowering for your complexion.

These colours mentioned above are not just for clothing, these colours work and look beautiful in underwear pieces too. For bikinis and swimwear choose a colour mentioned above (stay away from white and black unless you have a tan) or opt for a gold for a darker complexion, or bronze for a paler complexion.

Whichever colour you choose from above you can be confident that you will be bringing out your beautiful eye and hair colour and will look absolutely stunning.


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