Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Colours for Redheads

Anyone that has changed their hair colour recently will know that changing your hair colour to red means a whole new wardrobe from that of a blonde or brunette, but the rewards are beautiful.

As red hair colours come in a multitude of shades it is important to consider your complexion when choosing your lingerie and clothing wardrobe and whether your hair is a subtle strawberry blonde, sexy copper, autumn auburn or a stunning deep red, you can be sure to stand out as a natural beauty in the crowd with our colour tips.

As red is a fiery colour we would always opt for a simple earthy solution of neutral colours, such as browns, olive greens, beiges and golds. These colours close to your face will compliment your hair colour no end, and they are simple to accessorise with by incorporating a scarf or jewellery.

Make-up in these colours will work wonders at emphasising your eyes and hair colour too.

As natural redheads tend to have a paler complexion and have difficulty tanning, we would recommend natural tanners for the face, or tanning makeup if you want to wear the bolder colours (below) so as not to "wash-out" your complexion.

If your red hair is a sexy copper or deep red then you can get away with a lot of the colours that suit brunettes, like teal and navy blue. These can again be accessorised with a simple scarf or jewellery in beige or gold to keep the block colour away from the face.

If you hair colour is that of a strawberry blonde, colours that compliment blondes will compliment you too. These include pale blue and pale pink.

There is a lot of debates in the fashion world whether clashing red hair colour with pink, purple, red etc is considered trendy or not. This is obviously your choice as when done in the correct way, it can look amazing. But you have to very cleverly accessorise so as not to look too stark. The main rule is to stay away from colours that are too close to your hair colour, so no burgendy or deep red. Instead opt for a orange-red for copper hair and stay away from yellow and orange for strawberry blondes.

The one colour that you shouldn't live without, and if you haven't tried it you should, is green. Opt for a pale or spring green for strawberry blonde hair, or an olive green for copper hair colours. We guarantee that it will look amazing and compliments will flow.

Redheads can wear black and white, however too close to the face will cause you to look pale so accessorise to break up the colour. A simple black jacket with a beige/gold scarf will compliment your hair colour perfectly, or alternatively a white top with olive green jewellery will work well too.

All in all, redheads always stand out in a crowd next to their brunette and blonde peers and with a few tweaks and clever accessorising you too can be confident that your new hair colour will be loved by all.

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